This was originally published back in 2019.
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Each of our Class of 2019 Scone Grammar School (SGS) students received a Higher School Certificate (HSC) result today, based on the 22 subjects offered to these 21 students.  The focus for our whole SGS community right from preschool at The Yellow Cottage through to Year 12 is to support each individual student to find their strengths and talents, inspiring them to further develop these.

Over half of the 2019 Year 12 SGS cohort have already been offered early entry into University Courses, securing favoured career paths.  Six of our students studied Vocational Education and Training (VET), while completing their HSC. One of our students has just completed her HSC Pathway, essentially completing her HSC over two years, in order to support her sporting talent.

“At this time of year when Year 12 students receive their HSC and ATAR results, we encourage them to focus on how they’re travelling along their chosen path.  They’ve tapped into their interests and God given talents and they’ve dialled up certain character strengths to move along their own path and complete their HSC, which has been confirmed today.  We’ve seen a lot of hard work and perseverance, along some personal best results for some of our students and we’re thrilled for them.” says Paul Smart, SGS Principal.

Stella Norvill is the Dux of Scone Grammar School for 2019 with an ATAR of 91.15 and has already been guaranteed early entry into Bachelor of Mathematics/ Bachelor of Economics at University of New South Wales.

“This is an outstanding result and we’re very proud of Stella.  We had 27% of the cohort receive a Band 5 or 6 and we also know that we have 21 well rounded students who feel comfortable with the path that they’re travelling down.  Their paths may change. There may be some twists and turns, but they have developed the tools, resilience and inspiration to be flexible along their path.  As a school, we are very proud of each and every one of them.” says Mr Smart.

SGS Year 12 student Matt Smart, is already halfway through his Building Apprenticeship and has received early entry into Construction Management.  Emma Saunders received early entry into a Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University, has accepted her offer and already knows what her subjects are for Semester 1, 2020.  Emma received an E4 for her Extension 2 English, equivalent to a Band 6.  She also studied both Modern and Ancient History for her HSC and she’s keen to experience the Museum of Ancient Cultures on campus at Macquarie University. The HSC Pathway programme allowed Millie Fisher the chance to captain the NSW Team at the Australian National Inter-Schools Competition a couple of months ago, along with numerous Equestrian competitions, Australia wide and overseas.

Each of the SGS Year 12 students have their own, individual story and the SGS Community looks forward to following their chosen paths into the future.

Photo L-R: Stella Norvill, Lachlan Buckley, Alex Catzikiris, Matt Smart, Aspyn-Lily Tanner & Emma Saunders