This was originally published back in 2020.
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As Scone Grammar School Secondary students, we want each of you to find your groove.

We celebrate you, individually and along with our SGS community. We support you to understand and develop your strengths and talents. We learn about your interests with you and let those interests take you down an inspiring pathway through school…and into life.

Small doesn’t mean limited. In our SGS community, it is the opposite. It allows us the scope to tap into and unlock potential in an inspiring, safe environment, creating experiences inside and outside the school that will motivate you and your future.

You will get to know everyone in your classes and beyond and they will get to know you, understand your strengths, talents and interests and you theirs.

Our culture and community help you to build strong relationships with your teachers, encouraging you in your learning journey.

If you have a passion or an interest in something outside the ordinary, we will exhaust every possibility to fulfil that subject or interest, whether it be a small, in-house class or a subject provided through distance education.

In Fletcher’s case, it was Rugby League which turned into Rugby League Refereeing. Fletcher has been part of our Elite Performance Pathway programme to further develop and support his growth along this path and we’ve been delighted with the character strengths and talent he’s drawn on, not to mention the work and commitment he’s given to the programme.

We help each of you to find your groove, not only in the classroom, but outside and beyond school into life.

It is not too late to enroll for 2020. Our enrolments are still open. We have reduced our fees for 2020 by an average of 18% across each year group. Please let our School Registrar, Amanda Darling know if you’re interested in experiencing Scone Grammar School. Email or phone (02) 6545 3131, or call into Scone Grammar School, 60 Kingdon Street, Scone. More detail about enrolments is available at this link.