This was originally published back in 2020.
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Towards the end of this week, the leaders in our SGS community have gathered to build our path for the year ahead. Our approach to building a positive flourishing leaning community starts with our SGS team of staff.
A chapel service led by our Dean of students and School Chaplain, Rev’d Nate Atkinson laid the Christian foundation for our team days of planning and training.
We deepened our understanding of Grammar Minds Learning Dispositions and how we teach these to each student. Visible Wellbeing took us on a journey of understanding our meaningful purpose and pairing our character strengths.
We have a wonderful team of teachers new to Scone Grammar School and we’re blessed to have them join our team for these days of learning.
Behind the scenes, significant planning has gone into co-ordinating new timetables, getting 2020 diaries ready for each class, preparing classrooms to provide a welcoming learning environment, watering the lawn on a timer to provide a welcome patch of green, painting certain areas to freshen those spaces and so much more.
True to our 2020 motto, humility is key. Our team of talented staff our humble about their strengths and talents but we plan to draw them out so that we can not only celebrate each individual student, but do the same for our dedicated staff members. Without these talents and strengths so much of our Grammar Plus activities would not be possible.