This was originally published back in 2020.
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Our Student Representative Council (SRC) Primary Leaders for this year were presented with their badges during Primary Assembly this week. They also had their first meeting to plan their FUN and FUND Raising for the year. The SRC is primarily for the good of others and they like to think of Local, National and Global causes to support, but they also like to bring an element of fun to their fundraising.

Neighborhood Resource Centre for their ‘Morning Bites’ Breakfast Van, the Rural Fire Service, School of Life Foundation in Uganda. If you’re not aware of the Breakfast Van, it is open 7-9am weekday mornings to provide breakfast for students on the way to school.

Our Year 1 Classroom Teacher, Mrs Kate Robertson, has been driving this Fun/d raising with the SRC for a few years now. Ideas are generated by the SRC Leaders and Mrs Robertson supports them as they shape into events and drivers of fun/ds.

Lunchtime Discos, Easter Hat Parade and Raffle, Out of Uniform Days, Lego Masters, Busking, Talent Shows, Scavenger Hunts are a few examples of recent initiatives. These events and activities will usually be announced to students on assembly. Whilst this is a simple way to encourage students to take responsibility for organising themselves and their diaries, we will also be backing this up as a SkoolBag reminder.

Primary SRC is made up of one boy and girl student to represent each year group from 3-5. This team joins with our Primary Monitors and School Captains from Year 6 to drive SRC initiatives. It is a great leadership opportunity providing a chance to interact with students from other year groups.

Our Primary SRC Leaders are pictured here with their new badges.

Year 3 – Emma E, Nicholas F
Year 4 – Amelia S, Jarvis F
Year 5 – Angus G, Emity C

Congratulations and we look forward to the fun/d raising!