This was originally published back in 2020.
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Last week, we commissioned our School Leaders for 2020. Each of our Scone Grammar School Leaders have their own strengths and talents and each of them share something in common. They use these strengths to help and support others. Humility is key and leadership is a selfless act of drawing the best out of others.

Their leadership badges are not as much for their own benefit, although we know they’ll wear it with pride. Their badges are an indication to everyone in our SGS community that we can turn to these special leaders for support and guidance. We’re grateful to each of them for taking on these leadership roles.

School Captains: Ryan C & Hayley C with Principal, Mr Paul Smart (above)

Chapel Prefects: Chloe B & Alex B with Head of Secondary, Mrs Deanna Hollis & Rev’d Nate Atkinson (above)

Primary Vice Captains: Audrey P & Ben F, Primary Captains: Isabella H & Andrew C with Head of Primary, Mr Damien Saunders (above)

Primary Monitors: Mia T, George P, Hugo S, Will D, Jock M & Archer A with Head of Primary, Mr Damien Saunders (above)

Ledger House – Primary House Captains: Callum D & Tyler J, Secondary House Captains: Harmony W & Tristin V, with House Patron, Mrs Anne Carter (above)

Pulling House – Primary House Captains: Jennie M & Seth C, Secondary House Captains: Aliza W and William E, with House Patron, Mr Dan Garland (above)

Jones House – House Patron, Mr Josh Noble, Secondary House Captain: Jessika P, Primary House Captains: Ted S & Alexandra R, Secondary House Captain: Noah M (above)