This was originally published back in 2020.
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by Mrs Kirsty Hails, The Yellow Cottage Preschool Director

At Scone Grammar School, relationships matter; every student and their family matter. One major advantage of our small size is the sense of community and connection that comes with this. At this time of year, we prioritise connections and work towards making sure everyone has that strong sense of belonging. Read more

Teachers are focused on welcoming and connecting with the students in their classes. It is important to us that we understand each student’s individual strengths and interests. We provide a safe and familiar environment, which enables students to build upon their confidence to learn and grow.

We promote self-esteem in students, which then supports them to reach out and explore because they feel safe. Research tells us that this is an essential part of the  healthy development of every student’s brain and sets them up for life-long success.


We dedicate time to events like Year 7 and 11 Leadership Day, Information Sessions for Families, New Families Function, Buddy Systems. While these events are an essential part of our strategies to build relationships, the key is our incredible staff and the way they dedicate time every day to building relationships with the students in their care. Our small class sizes and school community make this sense of community and belonging an important difference to the education we offer. This is what Grammar Cares is all about.