This was originally published back in 2020.
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By Mrs Janet Walsh, Lead Teacher of Innovation & Learning

As we resume our development of growing better learners for 2020, we are focusing on Collaboration. Collaboration is a skill that everyone utilises; starting to teach our students the specifics of collaboration now, while young and developing their values and abilities, is an invaluable life-long skill.

Collaboration, in a learning sense, is seen as being able to succeed effectively in the give and take of a collaborative task. It includes having interpersonal skills that allow you to learn with and from others, being willing to contribute constructively and effectively, as well as adding to the strength of a team.

For the first seven weeks of this term, staff from Pre-School to Year 12, are deliberating setting out to challenge their students to develop their collaboration skills. Some teachers are specifically teaching the roles that are involved in collaborative tasks, other teachers are ensuring that a collaborative task is involved in their classes at least once a week, whilst other classes are specifically focusing on ensuring all students have the opportunity to contribute and develop their confidence in collaborative tasks.

All these strategies are the beginning of the continued development of collaboration skills that will be an ongoing progression through the years at Scone Grammar School. At the end of the seven weeks, staff will come together to discuss strategies that they have been employing in their classes and hear others’ successes with embedding collaboration into our learning.

Collaboration doesn’t stop there…for the rest of the term, staff will make a conscious effort to keep embedding Collaboration into their classrooms and specifically teaching students how to collaborate successfully. As the year continues, we will focus on a new disposition regularly and keep adding them into our Toolboxes.