This was originally published back in 2020.
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Ollie Scott won a Gold Premier Reading Award and we asked him about reading…

by Ollie Scott, Year 4

My favourite author is Aaron Blabey. I have really enjoyed reading his series called ‘Bad Guys’. I love that each book leaves you in suspense and encourages the reader to read the next book in the series, so far there are 10 books in the series, and it is currently being made into an animated film and will be released on the 17th September this year.

I also really enjoy reading autobiographies and biographies, I find it interesting learning about other people’s lives and what they have achieved. I am currently reading ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl. I also enjoy mystery books. I find reading a great activity to learn about new topics and information and a great time to chill out.

I have participated in the Premier’s Reading Challenge for the past four years and this year will be my 5th. Mrs Broomfield our Librarian encouraged us all in Kindergarten to participate and I already enjoyed listening to stories and reading and liked the challenge of reading 30 books in the designated time during Kindergarten to Year 2 and currently I am required to read 20 books on my own. Each year the challenge lasts for approximately 6 months.