This was originally published back in 2020.
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by Rev’d Nate Atkinson, Dean of Students & Mrs Hollis, Head of Secondary

Last Friday, Year 7 and Year 11 students gathered for our annual Year 7 and 11 Leadership and Support Day at Scone Rugby Club. The Year 11 students were wonderful mentors to the Year 7s. The day allowed all students to participate and interact positively with each other and to have a better understanding of each other’s talents and abilities; there was a genuine connection between the year groups. We know the value of this connection in the building up of these students.


We engaged in many fun activities that focused upon team building and mentoring conversations. We believe in providing opportunities for our students to develop and apply their leadership skills; learning how to lead and serve is a key component in our strengths-based approach to the building up of our young people.

Year 11 students showed great leadership and collaboration during the day; their ability to go with the flow and adjust as weather changed was exceptional. The humility they showed during the day in their approach to younger students, making sure everyone was cared for, shows us that they are well on their way to being well-rounded members of our community.

Students and staff were treated to Mrs Hollis’ famous pulled pork rolls and salads. Throughout the day all were supplied with fruit, cakes, snacks and ice-blocks to keep the energy levels up. Many thanks to the staff team that consisted of Mrs. Hollis, Rev Nate, Mrs Carter, Mr Noble and Mr. Garland.