This was originally published back in 2020.
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By Julie Jones & Jessica Southwell (Kindergarten Teachers)

There have been some big changes in kindergarten lately, largely due to the current research supporting the introduction of purposeful play back into the classroom, particularly in the early years.

During the holidays we attended a course that focused on the Walker Learning method.  This pedagogy focuses on students experimenting, exploring and investigating their interests and aspects of their life within the context of the curriculum.

They investigate nine main areas, numeracy, literacy, sensory, science, construction, collage, tinkering, dramatic play and writing.  The difference from the pre-school play-based learning setting is that kindergarten will explore these topics with learning intentions that come from what they are currently learning in literacy, writing and numeracy.

Currently they are focused on fine motor skills, building confidence in their learning and communication skills.  This is vitally important in the first term of kindergarten as they learn to make mistakes in their learning and social skills as they make new friends.  The children are motivated and highly engaged because they are learning about topics they are interested in, as well as revising aspects of literacy, numeracy and writing.  You will find Kindergarten investigating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.