This was originally published back in 2020.
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Collaborated By Rev’d Nate Atkinson, Dean of Students & Mrs Deanna Hollis, Head of Secondary

On Wednesday, as a combined SGS Secondary Community, we learnt 5 positive and powerful skills to raise resilient and successful teenagers.  These uplifting and motivating sessions were run by author, speaker and father of four, Glen Gerreyn from The Hopefull Institute.

This screenshot of a text message came through from one of our students to her mother at lunchtime.

Our Secondary students engaged in a seminar with Glen for the whole day.  It was dedicated to inspiring hope in the future, based on the science of the hope theory, backed with practical strategies to help them to flourish in life. As students spilled out of the sessions, we heard comments like, ‘Light bulb moment’, life changing’, ‘so good’, ‘amazing’.

After school, our staff team engaged in a meaningful session that promoted the strategies we can deploy for our own flourishing and to support our students to flourish.

In the evening, many of our Secondary School parents came along to listen to Glen deliver a Positive Parenting talk and here were some of the comments.

  • ‘The energy delivered home to us from Glen’s session with the children was remarkable – thank you for facilitating such a day for the students! The invite to parents to come along to receive a taste of Glen for ourselves was gold. Thank you!’  Willy Hyland
  • ‘Thanks so much for organising this. My kids really enjoyed this seminar and my husband and I really enjoyed the parents’ talk last night. Very, very good.’  Mick & Kylie Seale
  • ‘Listening to Glen speak today I can see why Braeden was so engaged with this seminar. We had many conversations tonight which was great.’ Danette Wallace

We’re grateful to parents for uniting with us. If we can learn these skills, working in harmony with a shared understanding and language, our ability to grow stronger, flourishing learners is maximised.

If any parents missed this seminar and would like to learn a little more, have a look at the articles available on the Hopefull Institute website.