This was originally published back in 2020.
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Our Elite Performance Pathway programme for this year commences at the beginning of Term 2, 2020. We would like to encourage students with outstanding sports performance from Years 7-12 to apply. Applications close Friday 20th March 2020.

This will include those who represent Scone Grammar School (or other schools with a willingness to enrol at Scone Grammar School) at sporting events across all levels including HRIS, AICES, CIS (or Club) in individual and/or team orientated representative levels. Criteria will also be based on a sound academic record; an excellent attitude towards school; and a fitness test conducted by staff.

Our Elite Performance Pathway programme creates a pathway for Scone Grammar School (SGS) students who show talent in a specific sporting area. It is also open to students who are not yet part of our Scone Grammar School community but who are interested in the programme and would like to become an SGS student. The programme helps to identify, nurture and develop student athletes to reach their full potential in sporting ambitions, through training and mentoring by top coaches.

The programme focuses on the following key areas:

Core Athlete Competencies – fitness, improving skill levels and managing accuracy of decisions when under pressure;

Core Personal Attributes – educating on leadership, resilience, self-responsibility and self-awareness;

Athlete Management – managing the balance between academic achievement and sporting excellence;

Coaching – using a positive psychology approach built around the science of optimism which will result in improved sporting performance and better mental wellbeing.

Regular attendance and participation in coaching and training sessions conducted by SGS staff is compulsory and is a condition of placement into the Pathway.

We look forward to receiving student applications.

To apply

Please click here for the application form.   You’ll need to complete the form at this link and email it to Mr Jason Croucher, Head of PDHPE by Friday 27th March 2020.