This was originally published back in 2020.
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Our Head of PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) and Elite Performance Director, Jason Croucher is known as ‘Crouch’ to most of the people he works with and many of the students he teaches.  Approachable and down to earth, he has strong connections with our students and staff alike, showing his top character strengths of creativity, humour and social intelligence. 

Jason had two outstanding PE (Physical Education) Teacher Role Modelswho inspired him along the path of becoming a PE Teacher. As the cycle goes, he inspires many others along their sporting paths. 

Jason created our Elite Performance Pathway programme a couple of years ago. The programme creates a pathway for Scone Grammar School (SGS) students who show talent in a specific sporting area.  It is also open to students who are not yet part of our Scone Grammar School community but who are interested in the programme and would like to become an SGS student. The programme helps to identify, nurture and develop student athletes to reach their full potential in sporting ambitions, through training and mentoring by top coaches.  

Something you may not know about Jason is his enjoyment of acting, having been an Extra on Home & Away; he also featured in the Carlton Draught Big Ad.   

Married to Kate, he has three children, Lacey, Cooper and Hallie (who has just started at Scone Grammar School)and he’s really enjoyed having Hallie at SGS.