This was originally published back in 2020.
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By Charlotte Parry-Okeden, CLP Co-ordinator

What is a CLP? Each year we ask for 1-2 parent volunteers from every class group to become Class Liaison Parents (CLPs).  The CLP role is an important support role between the School / Teachers and the parents.

What does a CLP have to do? There are 3 main areas where a CLP can assist with their class group:

  1. “The go-to contact”: Contact details (telephone & email) of the CLP for each year is sent to all your year group so that parents can contact their CLP with any queries they may have. These are usually rather simple questions regarding what uniform to wear. Is it Crazy Hair Day? What is crazy hair day? And other information regarding special school events, particularly in “off hours” when our Student Services team might not be contactable.
  2. School Event Volunteer Coordination: CLPs help with organising volunteers for larger school events such as Grandparents Day and the Annual School Fete in May.   They are not expected to assist with every school event; however, they are the contact point person to coordinate a few volunteers / rosters from your class.
  3. Social: We encourage the CLPs to organise a function (coffee at the Grammar Grind, get togethers after school at the pool, in the park etc.) so that as many parents as possible meet each other socially. This would be a lovely gesture to reach out to the new families that have joined Year 7.


The other times a CLP would be called on to help would be welcoming new families to the school or sending off families that might be leaving the area. This can be as simple as organising morning tea to welcome / say goodbye to families.


Here is a list of our CLPs for this year. We’re very grateful to these parents for giving up their time for our SGS Community.

  • Kindergarten – Erin Sullivan & Bec Bassingthwaighte
  • Year 1 – Ashleigh Clydsdale & Charlotte Parry-Okeden
  • Year 2 – Emma Coe & Kate Rohr
  • Year 3 – Jane Ryan & Charlotte Parry-Okeden
  • Year 4 – Kelly Flanagan
  • Year 5 – Acey Firth & Timea Sabau
  • Year 6 – Treen McCosker & Belinda Sowter
  • Year 7 – Di Gillet
  • Year 8 – Megan O’Sullivan
  • Year 9 – Meegan O’Neill
  • Year 10 – up for grabs!
  • Year 11- Megan Moore
  • Year 12 – Yvonne Clerke