This was originally published back in 2020.
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A field trip earlier this week led by Agronomist and ex-Scone Grammar Student, Dan, Clydsdale Rural Pty Ltd, took our Year 9 Geography students outside the classroom, just down the road into a world of land productivity and sustainable crop yields. Our students gained a practical insight into how farmers can use technology to improve the overall productivity of their land.

As our Head of Secondary Deanna Hollis mentioned in her last blog, excursions allow students the opportunity to practise skills like noticing, imitation, making links, planning and reasoning. Experiential learning can often inspire students beyond the classroom…and into life. Thanks Dan, for inspiring our students.

This excursion allowed students to capitalise on the learning that they have been undertaking in the classroom using resources from author Al Mabin The Grower series of books that were kindly donated by John Nicoletti. John donated these books to enable our students to connect with the origins of their food and fibre. As an adolescent, John left home with $220 to his name and carved out a great life for himself in agriculture. John is walking proof that anything is possible, and hopes that, through these books, he can inspire the farmers of tomorrow by highlighting the importance of Australia’s agricultural history and the amazing career opportunities it provides.