This was originally published back in 2020.
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Our Secondary SRC Members for 2020

  • Year 12 Chaipersons: Brigette K & Ruby W
  • Ledger House: Lilla S, Sofia E, Abriana D, Chester H & Tadhg M
  • Pulling House: Oliver D, Braedon H, Joshua C, Max S & Fletcher S
  • Jones House: Jagger L, Sarah C, Matthew K, Lachlan R & Pip

Our SGS Secondary Representative Council (SRC)

by Brigette Kelly & Ruby Wong (Year 12 SRC Chairpersons)

The SRC is a group of students with a goal to make the school and our community a better place and an environment in which students are able to thrive. This year we are encouraging all students, not just SRC members, to contribute and put forward their ideas and we hope to raise money for both school and community projects.

Over the last two years the SRC have raised money for the farmers suffering from drought, enabling us to provide ‘We Live Here’ vouchers just in time for Christmas. We have also been raising money for the annual Vanuatu mission trip, making it possible for those going to give gifts to those schools and families that are in need. Another cause which the SRC has helped is Mrs Brennan’s homeless sleepout. The SRC was able to hold an out of uniform day and encouraged other to bring in warm clothes and non-perishable food items to support those who are homeless in our area.

Due to the changes in the selection process, the SRC has become more student focused especially with the new role of our chairpersons Brigette Kelly and Ruby Wong, who assist Mrs Doherty in decision-making and planning, whilst also helping to run the meetings.

This year we are excited to be able to start planning new projects and think of new ideas which will be able to help our school and community. If anyone has any fundraising or fundraising ideas please talk to one of our SRC representatives and we will try and help to make your ideas possible.