This was originally published back in 2020.
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Emity C (Year 5) and Isabella H (Year 6) trialed for HRIS Netball Team earlier this week. Isabella has been selected in the HRIS Netball Team. She will compete at the CIS Championships, 15th May.  Both girls told our K-12 Assembly this morning about their trials and Isabella humbly pointed out that the trial was particularly challenging for Emity being only in Year 5, yet competing against her age group and the next year up.
Chelsea B (Year 12) trialed for and was successful in HRIS Opens Netball Team. She will compete at the AICES Championships, 18th June.


Sam L and Will D (Year 6) trialed for HRIS Soccer Team. Competition was fierce and the trial, particularly challenging.  Well done to both boys who made the most of the experience and gave an update at K-12 Assembly this morning.


Millie C (Year 8) & Bridie C (Year 9) were successful in selection for HRIS Hockey team and will play for the next level ACES team.