This was originally published back in 2020.
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Over the past week, we’ve had both Primary and Secondary Students compete at the HRIS (Hunter Region Independent Schools) Swimming Carnivals showing humility, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Primary HRIS Swimming

Scone Grammar School was award Age Champion Team for the 11 Year Girls, represented by Skye R & Jennie M, and the 12 Year Girls, represented by Isabella H, Alex R and Alexandra L. Isabella H & Jennie M (Year 6) and Quinn P (Year 2) have qualified in individual events. Alexandra L & Skye R will join Isabella and Jennie in the 4x50m freestyle relay at CIS (Combined Independent Schools) level.  This level of swimming shows strong commitment and perseverance from these girls – effort to be proud of.

Secondary HRIS Swimming

Our Secondary Students who represented our school during the week at HRIS Swimming, achieved some great results.  It’s too early to know yet, whether they’ve been selected to represent HRIS at the next level.

  • Age Champion Team Under 13 Boys: Dusty B, Josh C, Ethan J and Tom C
  • Junior Medley Relay winners: Ethan J, Josh C, Hamish O and Tom C
  • Junior 4x50m Freestyle Relay winners: Ethan J, Josh C, Hamish O, Dusty B
  • Senior Girls Medley Relay winners: Eme F, Summer B, Charlotte H & Caitlyn J
  • Champion School by Student Population

This last award of Champion School by Student Population is something we should be very proud of.  Swimming at this level is not easy.  The competition is tough and it shows the teamwork and encouragement between our Secondary swimmers.  Well done guys!