This was originally published back in 2020.
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Mr Lawrence Kei, Information Technology Support

As many of you would know, ‘Humility is Key’ is our 2020 motto.  Lawrence Kei shows humility every day as he supports our Information Technology (IT) at Scone Grammar School.  Lawrence provides IT solutions day in, day out.  He uses buckets of patience and perspective as well as creativity in his approach.   He serves our SGS community, supporting our team of over 80 staff, students and often families – to keep students connected.  Members of our SGS community can feel anxious about technology concerns and Lawrence provides quiet, calm reassurance.

Based on site at Scone Grammar School, Lawrence is guided by Mr Paul Carnemolla, a partner with technology solutions firm CrossPoint Technology Solutions.  Paul has been working with Scone Grammar School to push their boundaries of innovative learning, streamlining communication, technology and real time learning and assessment.

As we adjust to our new normal of eLearning delivered predominantly from home, pushing the boundaries even further, collaboration with our Scone Grammar School Executive Team has been vital in providing solutions that support our Positive Flourishing Community, both onsite at school and through our remote eLearning.

Lawrence moved up from Sydney with his wife a few years ago and has been working at Scone Grammar School for the past 9 years.   His first language, Mandarin, has also provided a calm reassurance to a handful of Mandarin speaking families who have joined Scone Grammar School.