This was originally published back in 2020.
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Year 10 students, Sam Barry and Chester Hall have used their talents and followed their interests to create a sound and lighting business, Chum and the Heat. We asked each of them to share their stories, inspiring us to follow our talents and interests.

Sam explains his love of all things technical and how he’s drawn on character strengths through the more challenging times.

‘For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love for all things technical. Whether it was blowing things up in the backyard shed with my brother Toby when we were little, working as a VergeTel employee being contracted by Telstra or being crowned joint champion of the Year 8 Film Competition, along with Chester and Max.

When Chester first mentioned to me the possibility of starting a DJ Sound & Lighting business, I jumped at the opportunity. We started small and have worked our way up since late 2018, now regularly being hired to put on gigs for events such as weddings, parties and school occasions.

With my experience in setting up the audio for speech days in the past, getting into the groove of being a Sound and Lighting specialist has sometimes been challenging but extremely rewarding. With difficult crowds, Chester and I sometimes have to use our character strengths such as perseverance, self-regulation and teamwork, which have helped us greatly through the infancy of our business. Although challenging times are ahead for the next few months, it helps to remember that if we all try to bring each other closer we can get through this together.’

Chester shares with us his passion for music and instrumental mentoring.

I have always had a great passion for music and would always enjoy playing music at parties or at our annual pony camp just for fun. Mrs Saunders was the first person to float the idea of getting into DJ’ing when she invited me to help her play the music at a birthday party for a fellow student. She then continued to encourage and support me, offering me another gig that she was attending and lending me her gear. These priceless experiences gave me the knowledge and courage to start building my own business and I can’t thank her enough for her help and encouragement.

Sam Barry and I had always been very close friends and when we established this common interest, the ideas for a sound and lighting business started to grow and somewhere along the line, we agreed on the name Chum and The Heat.

With Sam’s extensive technical knowledge and my passion for music, we started seeking local gigs to lay our roots and gain experience. Over the past two years, Sam and I have built up our business, invested in new gear and provided music at many events including Birthdays, Council events, Colour runs, School socials and weddings. We have sadly had to postpone numerous gigs due to Covid-19 although we are very excited to get back into it as soon as we can!