This was originally published back in 2020.
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Here are some tips which we hope will help our Primary School families to gain balance from home. This balance is so important for wellbeing and for our Positive Flourishing Learners!  Consider each tip, one at a time, perhaps even one day at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  Click here to read the tips in detail.

ROUTINE – Get the kids dressed & have breakfast. Try to stick to normal school hours. Check in online at 8.50am.

SNACKS – Getting organised with snacks like you would do for school (or at least have a plan) helps with routine and keeps the brain going!

DESKS – Created a designated learning space. Either keep learning materials out or pack them away in bags or boxes to easily access. Sitting your children at one table or in one room can make it easier for parents to help everyone.

PLAN – If might make it easier for you to write down how you’re going to divide your time between students,

tasks & sometimes WIFI.

WIFI – Identify the data you have available on your plan. If you don’t have WIFI, you can buy a router from Big

W or Australia Post and connect it fairly easily. We will share separate WIFI tips, especially for those using satellite.

BREAKS – It helps to have breaks and even use a count down timer if something visual helps. Getting your kids to move helps as a brain break & to get endorphins going!

HELP – our class teacher is your connection point. Please email if you’re having trouble or phone in through student services if you haven’t been able to connect with your teacher quickly.

CARROT – It’s ok to dangle a carrot (or delay) your activities for your kids until they’ve completed tasks. Eg ‘No Netflix until your school work is completed’.

DON’T STRESS, JUST DO YOUR BEST – Just do your best to guide your child’s learning. If it isn’t working for whatever reason take a break, do something relaxing and fun. Maybe then come back to the task.