This was originally published back in 2020.
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As we work through our second week of eLearning, sometimes it can be helpful to pause, reflect and evaluate how it is going. We hope these simple tips may help you and your family to balance your day. This change is hard, so if you don’t have this balance, don’t be too hard on yourself. Perhaps you can concentrate on one element each day.

ROUTINE – Set your alarm each day. Dress in comfortable clothes. Have a good breakfast. Set up your learning space in a quiet place with all you need for the day.

SNACKS – Getting organised with snacks & lunch like you would do for school (or at least have a plan) It helps with routine and keeps the brain going!

TIMETABLE – At 8.50am each morning, check in with your Tutor Group through Teams. They will guide you through your day. Keep an eye on the time and set an alarm if need be. You only need to check in with your teachers for live lessons but you should check Teams every period to see what you need to do in that lesson.

BREAKS – Take recess and lunch breaks away from the device. Tryto fit some movement in. Perhaps even put some music on to motivate you.

WIFI – Identify the data you have available on your family’s plan. If you don’t have WIFI, you can buy a router from Big W or Australia Post and connect it fairly easily. To save data, turn the camera off during a live session. If internet is not happening, ask your subject teacher to arrange a USB drive or printed copies for you to collect from Student Services.

TASKS – Your subject teacher is your connection point for each subject. If you need overall help, get in touch with your Tutor through Teams or otherwise email them. Your teachers will be checking your work through Teams and OneNote.

HELP – Don’t sweat the small stuff. Ask for help! Your teacher will also identify if you need help through tracking your work in OneNote. For help with specific subjects, ask your relevant teacher. For overall help, ask your Tutor.