This was originally published back in 2020.
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It is important for each student at Scone Grammar School to find their groove. We celebrate each individual and we work with them to understand and develop their strengths and God given talents. We learn with them about their interests and help them to develop their interests further.This not only helps each student, but it helps our teachers to understand what lights their students up, inspiring them to stretch their learning at school and for life.

Our Christian foundation supports us to serve all in our wider community in a meaningful way. Each of our pillars, highlighted below, teach, encourage and support each student to find a balance that helps them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Holly McDonald (Year 11) and Hamish Guiana (Year 10) both have musical talent. Not only do they have great talent, but they’ve worked hard and tapped into key learning dispositions to develop it. They’ve also drawn on character strengths in sharing their talent with others in our SGS Community and beyond. Both Hamish and Holly took lead roles in our Seussical Jr Musical in 2018.  Hamish has also landed a role in our next SGS Musical, ‘We Will Rock You’ although Holly will be focusing on her studies in Year 12.

Despite the Upper Hunter Shire Council being unable to proceed with the Kia Ora Music Camp this year, Hamish and Holly were fortunate to recently produce their first official recording. Hamish won the Vocal Award for the 2019 Kia Ora Music Camp and Holly won the same award the year before. Their prize was a professional recording. We hope you enjoy them.  To listen to Hamish’s recording, click here and for Holly’s click here.

The prospect of performing solo on stage for a crowd would fill many of us with trepidation. Whilst Holly and Hamish have had to dial up their bravery just a little, they both feel comfortable enough in their own skin to perform on their own and share their music with others, bringing joy to a much wider community.

Hamish balances his singing with guitar and many other interests and talents such as art. Holly is at the early stages of developing her modelling profile – just another aspect of feeling comfortable in her own skin.

We’re thrilled to be celebrating the talents of Holly and Hamish but even more thrilled to see them find their groove.