This was originally published back in 2020.
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Introducing Mr Jason Buckley, Head of Music

Jason Buckley, known to many as ‘Bucko’, is our Head of Music and how blessed we are to have him. He enriches the culture of our school and the lives of many, both as a teacher and musician.

Before completing his education degree, he started his teaching career with a two-year stint instrumental teaching in a regional post at Bourke and Brewarrina. Much of his teaching was over School of the Air.   He taught instruments he’d never played, staying a lesson ahead of his students as he learnt and taught consecutively.  He couldn’t see where students had their fingers placed on frets or over holes on instruments, so everything was by ear and explanation.  He would press a button to allow students to hear him and then they would press a button to let their sound travel through. How times and technology have changed!  Bucko has a bent for technology which he uses extensively in his teaching.

Truly humble about his talents, it takes a bit of digging to discover all – one day we might.  Guitar is his first instrument – he plays acoustic and bass.  In the brass family, well, there’s trumpet, trombone, euphonium, cornet, bugle, tuba.  Oh, and he’s just started teaching himself the French horn, for a challenge.  He can also play the drums and has been known to jump in if a drummer is missing.

We talk about a Christian Foundation serving the wider community and Jason is a great example of this.  He enjoys performing as a musician as well as teaching, so it’s nothing for him to juggle performances for the Upper Hunter Conservatorium band, as well as additional performances for Scone Grammar School events.  Jason also leads the music at St Luke’s Scone Anglican Church, including some of our talented SGS student musicians.

At dawn on ANZAC Day this year, he played the bugle on the lawn outside his home, raising goose bumps all over Scone as our community looked beyond gates through beautiful lights to the sound of The Last Post.  He then played it again for Strathearn Village to stir some memories for our elderly community.

Jason strives to create as many performance opportunities as possible for our students and to expose them to a variety of quality performances, especially live.  It’s clear too, that he might use a few of his top character strengths, creativity and leadership, along with his sense of humour, to stretch his students.  This video is of Jason challenging one of his students to play guitar upside down behind his head.  We hope you enjoy.

With special thanks to Jason’s wife, Lyndal.