This was originally published back in 2020.
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By Mr Damien Saunders, Head of Primary

It was brought to my attention that starting in Kindergarten, if a student reads 20 minutes a day at home, they will hear 1.8 million words per year. Keeping with this rate, they will have read for 851 hours by 6th grade. There are so many benefits of reading at home with your children.

Aids in understanding of a world outside our own

Reading is more than just translating written words into verbal form; it is about understanding those words were once ideas in the minds of great thinkers. It is about realising those ideas can be connected to personal experiences.

Through daily reading, children are exposed to a world outside their own reality. It expands their know-how, opens their minds and creates the potential for a continuation of ideas and an endless number of possibilities.

Strengthens family relationships

There is nothing quite like reading together as a family. Whether you’re flipping through picture books with your little ones or sitting in the same room with older kids, each immersed in a piece of literature, these are times you remember.

For a moment, you are all able to escape worries and experience art in written form. It is something that can be recreated in different forms with every new book and family read-a-thon.