This was originally published back in 2020.
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By Lachlan Hobden, Year 11

Lachlan Hobden gave us his take on the character strength, Zest. We are sharing this as an example of how intricately understanding Character Strengths and how they apply to ourselves helps us to feel comfortable in our own skin, finding our groove in learning and life.

Zest means approaching a situation, or life in general, with excitement and energy. It’s not approaching activities half way or half-heartedly. Zest can be used to stay positive during uncertain times. Doing something you love can help you to feel energetic and happy.

Using zest to stay encouraged to lean into remote learning can be hard, but you need to persevere and find a way.  For example, I had trouble when we first started online learning.  I couldn’t stay focused and therefore I was getting behind.  I started to realise that the distractions at home were the same as at school, just more tempting.  I got a fair bit behind and then realized that I had to work hard and get myself back up there.    I leant into my learning and found the subjects I liked, to boost my energy for school work.  I had less time for recess and lunch but had many more brain breaks to break up the lessons.  Then I was getting all my work done.  I had more time to myself when I was finished. This allowed me to do stuff I love and be happier to start fresh the next day.

Using Zest to jump into Term 2 – positivity, motivation, excitement and encouragement for yourself and others will benefit you and others around you in your learning environment.  It will allow you to stay positive, filled with energy right to the end of another term.  Staying in contact with others is also important to maintain relationships with the people around you.  By being happy and energetic you can allow others to also stay happy and energetic.

Zest can also be helpful in picking up new hobbies and interests. If you step outside your comfort zone during this time, you may find yourself picking up a new interest or hobby that you never knew you could enjoy.