This was originally published back in 2020.
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If your family hasn’t yet stepped into our K-12 Virtual Cross Country, we’d love you to throw your running shoes on and join us.  Each week, we’ll be giving you an update of the points tally for each House.  This can change quickly, so keep clocking those km’s everyone!

  1. Jones – 90 points = 90 kms
  2. Ledger – 89 points = 89 kms
  3. Pulling – 54 points = 54 kms

Each km you run and log by emailing Mrs Brayshaw, scores a point for your house.  However, this is based on running a minimum distance for your age group.

  • Years K-2 – 1km minimum per run
  • Years 3-6 – 2km minimum per run
  • Years 7-12 – 3km minimum per run

Just think, our students have already clocked 233 kms this week!

We want to highlight students who’ve really hit their strides.  This may not be those who’ve necessarily covered the most kms, although we applaud them for that. We’d like to mention especially Millie S (Year 4) and Hugo S (Year 6) who have had their running shoes on a lot.  Together they’re already covered 26 kms.  Hannah G (Year 11) has also started to clock up the kms and running is normally not her chosen sport.  These students have really pushed through their comfort zone to persevere with running.

Parents have shown an interest in logging runs for House points too, so we’ve decided to award a half point for each 1km logged by any parents or staff.  The one prerequisite is that their child has started to log their runs with Mrs Brayshaw.

As Lachlan H mentioned in his explanation of Zest, sometimes you can discover something you never thought you could do or enjoy.  For those who haven’t run much, trying it out at home, within your family comfort zone can be a really great way to ease into it. Start running – walking – running – walking if you find running non-stop too hard.  Many of you have been using headphones for learning, so perhaps put some headphones on to pump out your favourite music.  This can be really inspiring.  It can take bravery, perseverance, self-regulation and planning.  You might even find you are using Absorption.  The other benefit to running is that it releases endorphins, giving you more energy, so it’s a win – win.

If you need any help navigating technology to record your runs, please drop Mrs Anna Brayshaw an email and she’ll be happy to help.