This was originally published back in 2020.
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by Mr Damien Saunders, Head of Primary

It is an inexplicable educational world, that we are now finding ourselves exposed to. Four years completing a teaching degree does not necessarily prepare you for a global pandemic. The introduction of remote learning has completely turned what we know and do as educators, upside down. It has seen teachers needing to dig deeper than ever before in terms of lesson preparation, the varying modes of lesson delivery and the need to provide prompt feedback to students.

To see the way in which Primary staff have undertaken their new responsibilities has been remarkable. I would soon run out of superlatives when describing the measures that teachers have gone to, to ensure that all students, whether it be remote learning or face to face, are still receiving high quality learning.

I know this hasn’t been easy for staff. I’m incredibly aware of the extra hours that are going into lesson preparation, the recording of class messages, the arrangement of online class meetings and conversations…. it’s full on. It’s been an important time for staff to tap into their own strengths to keep the ball rolling. Skills that have really come to the forefront of late include collaboration, which leads to effective planning and delivery.

I’ve had quite a few conversations with parents lately and there appears to be an increased sense of admiration for teachers. I’m glad it’s been identified and recognised in the broader community because it’s something I’ve known all along; how terrific our teachers are.

I know we are all looking forward to having full, vibrant classrooms again and I thank all who have gratefully been on board with our recent style of learning.