This was originally published back in 2020.
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This week the K-12 Virtual House Cross Country saw more than 50 students pull on their running shoes for the first time to log kilometres for their house. We think this is fantastic and it goes to show you that every contribution counts; so If you haven’t started yet, Week 4 of the competition is your week!

This week we acknowledge one of those first timers who has come out hard and clocked up over 25kms this week for his house – congratulations, Charlie Magnier!

We also acknowledge the efforts of 2 siblings who have consistently run each week. They have been spending extra time running around Bill Rose, or getting dropped off 5 kms from their front gate in order to boost their team tally- in just three weeks they have managed to clock over 80kms- congratulations, Will and Eliza Darling.

Another two students who have consistently logged their running, adding a little bit at a time, demonstrating great persistence and teamwork are Tyler Johnson and Holly Fairgray – well done on your efforts. All of you are deserving of a prize- so please collect from Sports Central today!

Now for the Tally- It is amazing how a week of effort can pay off!

In 3rd place on 751, Ledger House
In 2nd place on 995, Pulling House
In 1st place on 997, Jones House

Lastly, a huge shout out to the Primary House Captains who rallied the troops and organised to get as many of their teammates running this week- we are so lucky to have such amazing young leaders!