This was originally published back in 2020.
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Given the amount of change that everyone in our Scone Grammar School Community has been through, it is not at all surprising that some of our students feel anxiety from time to time. This is one of the reasons Mr Smart often refers to our SGS Kit Bag for Life. It is a reminder to each of us that we have tools to draw on, to remember, to try – Learning Dispositions and Character Strengths, seeking God’s guidance and other tools to help us through.

If any of our students experience anxiety or feelings of sadness that aren’t going away, they may need more support. Mrs Kat Moore is our School Counsellor and is available for any students to contact to seek support. She is another person our students can talk to, especially about things that they may not always feel comfortable discussing with their family or teacher.

Mrs Moore’s student counselling role is very important within the Scone Grammar School community. This is an element of Scone Grammar School’s Grammar Cares approach which is about caring for each individual and nurturing wellbeing within our school community.

Mrs Moore sees the benefit first-hand of counselling students. “When I first started counselling, I was concerned that students might feel self-conscious about coming to see me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they feel comfortable and open about seeing me and they’re encouraging their mates to as well. I tell kids I’m on their side. So even if they’re in the wrong, I’m unbiased and someone they can trust because of strict confidentiality. Parents may also be surprised to know that often students come to see me because they don’t want to worry their parents. It’s not that they don’t feel close enough to their parents. They just don’t want to worry them.”

Hayley Cook, one of our School Captains explains the benefits from our secondary students’ perspective. “When we see friends or other students suffering, we can guide them to Mrs Moore. It takes the burden off us and students who are having a tough time. Lots of students encourage their mates to go and see Mrs Moore. There is a strict code of confidentiality and they trust her. It brings a sense of security and comfort to us as students.”

Yvonne Clerke, parent of our other School Captain, Ryan, commented on the benefit of having a school counsellor at SGS. In her own words, ”It is very positive to have a designated school counsellor, someone the children feel comfortable going to speak to in a safe environment. It also allows students to talk to someone who is specifically trained to help them in this area, in addition to touching base with their home room teacher.”