This was originally published back in 2020.
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Our Year 7 and 8 Students are studying Technology (Mandatory), known as ‘Tech’ with the focus of Food and Agricultural Technologies.

Year 8 Students are investigating horticulture and the process involved in growing their own ingredients such as these healthy, leafy greens.   The students were also required to prepare their own hamburger in their kitchen at home, during remote learning.  They created a range of different kinds of burgers including: pulled pork; beef brisket; chicken schnitzel; and beef mince burgers. It was a great opportunity to cook in their home and utilise Resourcefulness Dispositions such as: Questioning; Making Links; Imagining; Reasoning; and Capitalising.

Students in Year 7 are investigating the Australian Dairy Industry and the process of cheese making. Students engaged in a cheese tasting experience making links between viewing the process of cheese making and identifying the different cheeses on the market. They are now investigating using cheese as an ingredient in various recipes.  Next on the menu is Pizza!