This was originally published back in 2020.
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The moments that we notice each of our students finding their groove at Scone Grammar School are moments we celebrate. We can see it in the way they talk and walk….and everything they do. It’s a great milestone in building resilience. Students feel supported and accepted by the community (Grammar Cares) that they’re in but have the confidence to push through their comfort zones for new experiences (Grammar Plus), inspired to learn (Grammar Minds) and inspired to grow (Grammar Leads). They know who they are and what their strengths are. This understanding and acceptance in themselves fuels zest for life, propelling them forward. As the SGS Community we feel privileged to accompany them on their journey through school life.

We can see this in Wren who is halfway through Kindergarten. One of Wren’s top Character Strengths is a Love of Learning. Her Curiosity and Creativity light up those around her. She is confident enough to travel to and from school by bus and enjoys the adventure. Wren is a great example of how resilient students can be.
Click here to what a video of Wren and her mother Blair talking about their experience at Scone Grammar School.
As a community, we’re also blessed to have great bus services supporting our students all over the Upper Hunter.If you have children starting Kindergarten over the next couple of years, join our Introduction to Kindergarten Virtual Info Evening next Tuesday evening, 23 June, to find out out how your children can Find their Groove. We will be providing an introduction to Kindergarten at Scone Grammar School and look forward to welcoming you into our SGS Community.