This was originally published back in 2020.
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Virtual Assembly has become part of our life at Scone Grammar School. It started with a creative approach to delivering messages to our students and families. If we observe and reflect on the process of creating and delivering these Virtual Assemblies along with Virtual Information Nights, we see many learning dispositions at play. Many of these are similar to those our teachers had to rapidly dial up as self-isolation restrictions were introduced.

Our School Leaders initiated these assemblies and have gradually included more school leaders, students and staff who have imitated mentors and stretched out of their comfort zone. Practical and useful skills have been learnt and confidence gained.

Great care has been taken to plan and persevere with the content and delivery of these assemblies. Each week we observe our leaders practising and using patience and perseverance when things go wrong, and resilience to cope with this. They collaborate and work as a team, above all, demonstrating that the learning dispositions and character strengths we learn at school are life skills that we will use again and again. These are tools for our Kit Bag – Our Kit Bag for Life.