This was originally published back in 2020.
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At the very end of last term, our Year 6 students had a reader’s theatre showcase which was the culmination of their efforts during their Term 2 drama lessons. In small groups, the students made all the decisions surrounding their chosen reader’s theatre, from who played which role to the utilisation of props and costumes. Although they used minimal props and costumes, they displayed maximum humour and zest, along with a multitude of character strengths and learning dispositions: personality; bravery; teamwork and collaboration; perspective; creativity; humour; zest; planning; revising; capitalising; empathy and listening; and much more.

As early as Kindergarten and even Preschool at The Yellow Cottage, we encourage students to speak in front of their class as they learn the art of public speaking and play acting.  As you can see, this simple act draws on many learning dispositions and many character strengths.  It stretches each student in different ways, many out of their comfort zone, building a newly-found confidence and connections with their peers.

It is wonderful to witness this confidence and enjoyment that comes from drama presentations by the time our students are in Year 6, drawing on their experience going back to infant grades.

Whilst Covid-19 has restricted us from assemblies, we are looking forward to eventually returning to a situation where each class presents a play for the rest of the Primary School.  In the meantime, presenting in front of classmates is still a great opportunity.