This was originally published back in 2020.
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This term has seen the commencement of Boys’ Education as part of our Pastoral Care Programme, aimed to improve the opportunities for boys at Scone Grammar School. Once a week during Term 3, selected boys from Years 7-11 participate in a range of activities that focus on providing opportunities to foster wellbeing, enhance critical thinking to build self-efficacy and promote strong male role models within the school and wider community.

This year the motivation of the programme is to focus on career path options for our boys in an effort to develop goal setting, increase focus at school and give relevance to the subjects they need in order to succeed in their career path.

To explore education as a career path. Mr. Nate Atkinson and Mr Joshua Noble discussed their different professional journeys and personal experiences with teaching. Last week’s focus was on the exercise and fitness industry. We were lucky enough to have Chris Comerford come in to talk to the boys. Chris is an Accredited Exercise Physiolgist and Accredited Sports Scientist and is the owner and operator of CrossFit 2337 and Back-Fit Exercise Physiology. He finished the session providing students with some practical movement and core strength exercises.

This week we explored the Hospitality Industry. We were lucky enough to have Colin Selwood from The Cottage, Scone and one of his Chefs, Ben, come to talk to the students about the industry, their personal experiences as a chef and the challenges of running a successful business. The lesson concluded with Colin teaching the boys the secret to making the best cheeseburger, thoroughly enjoyed by all students.