This was originally published back in 2020.
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Nick Rose left Scone Grammar School when he finished Year 12 in 2016 and whilst he physically left our school as a student, his connections here are still strong.  One of his teachers, Mrs Katherine Davidson, Secondary English Teacher, still enjoys catching up with Nick when he visits Scone and Mr Jason Buckley, our Head of Music, often shows videos that Nick releases to his music students as inspiration.

Despite Nick being very humble about his musical talent, we think launching his first music EP at age 21 is impressive.   Wry Smile was fully released by Neo Rose just last month and took about three months of recording, mixing and production.  You can find it on Apple iTunes or Spotify.  Last year, Nick completed a Bachelor of Music – Audio at the Australian Institute of Music and did the audio production for his album himself, tapping into his audio engineering talents for university assessment to highlight his musical talent.

Some of the origins of this album date back to Nick’s time at Scone Grammar School. He often played guitar during Elective Music and spare periods and would record some of it on his phone. Last year he revisited those recordings, shaped them and wrote the lyrics to accompany them.

He played guitar all the way through school but only took up singing over the past couple of years. During his last year of school, he jumped in to provide some additional backing vocals for some music students. Mr Buckley took him aside and suggested he had some real vocal potential. It was one of his lasting memories of school and a positive one.

He came up with his stage name when he was in the SGS library during a spare period with a couple of other students. Rose was a family name so it seemed like an obvious connection. He enjoyed The Matrix at the time, which prompted him to think of Neo, as well as the fact that Neo means “new”. He put the two together, ran it by the students he was with, who thought it sounded the best out of the other alternatives, and the rest is history.

Nick reflects on his time at Scone Grammar School. “I loved school and miss it so much. It was a close-knit community. We were close to our teachers and got on really well. The teachers were really supportive of our aspirations.”

Moving onto the Australian Institute of Music after school, Nick found some great mentors, many of who had been or still are Artist & Repertoire managers for some of the major music producers such as Sony. Nick makes producing an EP sound easy as he explains, “When you have a passion for something it’s easy to know what to do. I just follow bands I love and tap into some great mentors and fellow students from uni.”

At the age of five, he knew he wanted to be a music artist, but he didn’t know back then quite what type. As a kid, he was given an album called, ‘A Permission to Land’, by The Darkness and it made him realise his true love of guitar.

Nick’s career aspiration, aside from performing is pro(duction) studio work supporting bands. It usually takes a 3-6 month unpaid internship to get a foot in the door. Along with many true artists, he balances his love of audio production with a regular job in before and after school care. Employed by a childcare agency, he has worked in schools all over Sydney, looking after Primayr-aged children, especially getting boys outside for a run after school. We expect he has a few fans in his care.

Wry Smile by Neo Rose released last month. You can find it on Apple iTunes or Spotify and here is a YouTube teaser.