This was originally published back in 2020.
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As our Year 12 students complete their last three weeks of school, they organised a fundraiser today through our ‘Out of Uniform’ day. They are preparing for their final HSC exams which we hope and pray will pave the way for them to follow their Career Ambitions following their 13 years of school.

We’ve enjoyed seeing many students dressed out of uniform in clothes indicating what they might want to do when they leave Scone Grammar School. We asked a few students what they’re interested in and what they might want to do when they leave school. Career aspirations, strengths, interests and talents may change over time as we expose students to new experiences, ways of learning and opportunities through our Grammar Minds and Grammar Plus pillars. However, these are fundamental in encouraging students to feel comfortable in their skin, to grow their confidence, inspire their learning, take an interest in each other and in each student within our SGS Community, and ultimately, to enjoy school life – all 13 years of it!  What we hope you’ll see from this video and more to come is a community caring greatly for what lights each of our students up – however much that varies for each one.