This was originally published back in 2020.
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During our last Bush Kindy day we enjoyed the most wonderful day with all your children at Bush Kindy, they were absolutely amazing! At the end of the day, we reflected that the most outstanding moments for all of us was how kind, compassionate and caring the children were towards their peers. We heard so many children say; be careful here it’s slippery, here take my hand, do you need some help and are you ok? We can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to hear the children actively supporting and looking out for their peers, not only in our room but also with the children form the Orange room.

Each year when we visit Bush Kindy, we are aware that we are taking children out of their comfort zone and pushing them to be brave, to persevere and to experience something that may certainly challenge them, all of which builds on their resilience and their sense of achievement!

We often have a group of children who we affectionately refer to as our ‘Billy Goats’, who scamper up the bush track with agility and confidence; then we have those who clearly have the strength of appreciation of beauty and notice every single flower, no matter how tiny, the leaves, the smells of the bush, the colours in the rocks and today they even found lady beetles! There are also the children who are unsure about the uncertainty of a challenging walk, the challenges they face to keep getting up and to keep going.

No matter where your child sits in their capabilities with an experience such as Bush Kindy, each and every child was outstanding with their achievements and we are so very proud of them!