This was originally published back in 2020.
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This was a moment earlier this week when our School Captain, Hayley Cook, noticed Isabella leaving class to walk up to her music lesson. Hayley happened to be walking past so walked Isabella up and had a chat along the way. We’re pretty sure Isabella would have done very well during her music lesson and stood a little taller for the rest of the day, having been noticed and cared for by our School Captain.

Moments like this become second nature for students with Leadership Strengths and there is currently much strength spotting going on throughout our SGS Community. Currently we’re on the lookout for Year 11 students with such Leadership Strengths. We’ve asked our Year 11 students and Staff to do some Leadership Strength spotting and nominate Year 11 students to lead our SGS Community through 2021. This is the third year we’ve taken this collaborative approach, taking into consideration a collection of voices from students and staff.

We appoint leaders by taking each nomination into account and give equal weighting from Student and Staff nominations. Our whole staff will gather next week to go through each Student Leader Nomination. Our selection committee: Principal, Mr Paul Smart; Head of Secondary, Mrs Deanna Hollis; and Dean of Students, Rev’d Nate Atkinson, will then create a shortlist. During the first week of Term 4, Mr Smart will interview our short list of School Captain and Chapel Prefect candidates and will announce these 2021 SGS Leaders during the second week of Term 4.

Rev’d Nate has a special interest in Leadership which makes sense, given his role as Dean of Students, and is constantly supporting the growth of our Grammar Leads pillar at Scone Grammar School. Last year he completed a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and is just about to commence is Doctorate (PHD) in Leadership with a combined focus on Leadership, Strengths and Christianity.

Also, during the second week of Term 4, each of our houses will begin a Leadership Selection process for each house: Jones; Ledger; and Pulling. We will follow a similar process where Year 11 Students and Staff nominate House Captains. Each nominated candidate will then give a speech to the Year 6-11 students in their House during Pastoral Care sessions in Week 3. Students will vote and the following week, our House Patrons will meet with our selection committee to finalise House Captains. These leaders will then be announced on Founders Day. Our selection process for Primary Leaders will also begin in Term 4 and we’ll be providing an update about this, too.