This was originally published back in 2020.
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Julie Smart and Tobie Comincioli, our caring Student Services duo, have found their groove, supporting everyone in our SGS Community – students, parents, teachers and everyone else in our extended family.

Julie has been part of our SGS community for many years – still teaching here casually, as well as her role in Student Services. She also has another important role as wife to our Principal, Mr Paul Smart. Mrs Tobie Comincioli joined our Student Services team just a few months ago, moving across from her support role at The Yellow Cottage.

Student Services is all about supporting students, whether it be through caring for them when they are unwell to co-ordinating changes in travel plans. Tobie and Julie both have a wonderful way of relating to just about anyone and, even more important, an innate ability to make whomever they are talking to feel as if they’re the only one in the room. We’re not quite sure how they pull this off when the phone is usually ringing, someone else is signing in and the door is about to open, again.

Both Tobie and Julie have warm and sunny dispositions, putting people at ease the moment they meet them which perhaps partially accounts for a constant trail of visitors in and out of this very warm and welcoming hub.

Julie and Tobie share a mix of character strengths and draw on even more. Kindness is always on tap, but honesty and humour are also bandied around, keeping our SGS community light and positive. This can often help to keep calm and carry on, as ice is applied, temperatures are taken, parents are phoned and a kind word, or joke, is shared.
Something they also share is an ability to notice details, making discreet links which can really contribute to students’ wellbeing and to collaborate with just about everyone in our SGS community.

They play a vital role in the smooth running of our school administration and we’re grateful to them both for their calm and reliable presence.