This was originally published back in 2020.
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Thanks to NRL, yesterday all our Primary students participated in a Rugby League Skills session, run by run by Dan Swan, Group 21 Development Officer from NRL. As a school community, we embrace opportunities like this. We’re exposing our students to specialist coaches who can inspire them, motivate them and teach them new skills.

For some, it is an opportunity to finesse their existing skills and for others, it’s a chance to try something new. Often, just a simple exposure to a sport can give them enough understanding to remove the barrier they may have previously had in their mind.

For many, the confidence gained from this introduction to Rugby League skills may encourage them to join our local Rugby League Club, here in Scone. For any families interested in finding out more, please visit or contact Jason Croucher, Head of PDHPE

Even if they don’t play, students have an idea how to play, which may help them to participate in a social game in or out of school and also help them to follow the game, especially since there are many Rugby League fans within our SGS community.

The sessions addressed fundamental motor skills appropriate to each stage of learning and encouraged teamwork, collaboration and, of course, fun!