This was originally published back in 2020.
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At The Yellow Cottage we are proud of our transition to school program. In the 12 months before starting school we develop knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable children to participate and succeed in school. Parents sometimes think that school readiness means being able to read, write and do basic maths before starting school. But this isn’t the case!

School readiness is about the development of the whole child – their social and emotional skills, physical skills, communication skills and cognitive skills. Children cannot thrive at school if they haven’t developed the skills to manage things like getting along with other children, following instructions, and communicating their needs.

Research shows that children who start school when developmentally ready to learn tend to do better in school – and it sets them up for further success later in life.

Our transition program helps all children prepare for the start of Kindergarten. We have a holistic view in preparing the children.

Strengths – We identify, respond to and develop the unique character strengths and interests of each child. We teach the children how to pair strengths when faced with a challenge and strongly encourage resilience and a growth mindset.

Social skills – We help each child learn how to get along with other children, demonstrate basic manners, assert themselves, and encourage them to be able to play independently as well as with other children.

Emotional maturity – We foster an understanding of how to manage emotions, cope with minimal adult contact in large groups, focus on tasks, follow directions and instructions from teachers, cope with the stress of the new school environment, and understand the rules.

Language skills – We develop the children’s ability to talk and listen to adults and other children, speak clearly, communicate needs, understand stories, create stories and begin to identify some letters and sounds.

Cognitive Skills – We introduce the children to early numeracy, developing thinking and questioning skills, encouraging wonder and being able to wait and take turns.

Physical health and coordination – We focus on encouraging basic health, fine motor skills (such as being able to grip a pencil and turn pages in a book) and physical coordination (being able to run, jump, climb, and play ball).

Independence – We work hard at developing the skills needed to manage their needs without adult supervision, such as going to the toilet, dressing, unwrapping their lunch and managing their belongings.

Connections to schools – We work in partnership with all local schools building connections for all the children that attend our preschool.