This was originally published back in 2020.
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As we celebrated our Year 12 students in their Final Year 12 Chapel for 2020 at the end of last term, it became very apparent that some things bring us closer and where we look for gratitude, it is always there. We are so grateful for the incredible positivity, spirit, collaboration, leadership and perseverance shown by each of our Year 12 students. They have been wonderful role models for Scone Grammar School as they looked for and found gratitude through a challenging year.
We will be praying for them and thinking of them as they prepare for and transition through their final HSC exams. We know each of them will do the best they can, as we know they are all the best learners they can be. Congratulations to Ruby Wong for receiving the Bengalla Scholarship for an undergraduate degree. We’re very grateful to Bengalla for their continuing support of our SGS Community.
As we captured the Final Year 12 Chapel Service for the Parents of our Year 12 Students and the rest of our SGS Community, we’re grateful to Mr Lawrence Kei and our CrossPoint Technical Team for co-ordinating cameras and sound. Holly McDonald sang beautifully along with Mr Jason Buckley, Head of Music, our band and our Onederfuls Choir from Year 1, who performed actions in the absence of being able to sing due to COVID-19 restrictions.