This was originally published back in 2020.
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Today on our Founders Day, we are grateful to those who’ve come before us and commenced our school so that we can enjoy our lives and our learning here at Scone Grammar School.  We’re not only grateful to those who started our school but for each member of our SGS community who’ve given to our school over the last 31 years. 

Members of our School Council mortgaged their homes in the early days to keep Scone Grammar School going.  This was founded on their belief in our Christian foundation and the strength of our school to serve our community. 


We are grateful for our Christian foundation and to God for sending Jesus to perfect our faith and guide us.  One of the best ways we can show our gratitude is to build, grow and strengthen our Godgiven talents, learn and give back by sharing our gifts and talents with those around us, community wide. 

We are grateful for living in this country, which is a safe place with many options and, despite our COVID-19 restrictions, with much hope.  By giving through Operation Christmas Child, organised by the Samaritans Purse Australia, we can help spread God’s love to children in need, providing them with hope in other countries around the world. 

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) have provided us a way to practically give; they created our theme of Giving and Gratitude to celebrate Founders Day.  We have been supporting this initiative for many years and would like to thank Mrs Julie Jones for her commitment to this practical way of giving.  We are also grateful to our SRC Staff Leaders, Mrs Mel Doherty and Mrs Kate Robertson, along with each of our SRC members, for their help in packing up the boxes to gift to these children in need. 

This morning, during our virtual Founders Day Chapel, Mrs Jones explained that when each child receives their Christmas box, they, their family and their community are taught about Jesus and supported with practical skills and resources, such as health and farming support, to build hope for their community.   

Thank you to our SGS Community – to all our families for your generosity and giving hope to our wider world.