This was originally published back in 2020.
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Last week, Kindergarten set up a police station in their classroom. They have been investigating what a Policeman or Policewoman might do, based on a Play with Intention learning approach. It seemed timely to launch an investigation into Mr Smart’s disappearance and flex their learning muscles of Questioning, Noticing and Listening.

Officer Sullivan and Officer Shuttleworth interviewed Mr Smart’s PA, Mrs Sarah Ambry, to find out if she knew if he was hiding in his office. Officer Sullivan and Shuttleworth noticed that Mr Smart’s car was missing but they did find tyre tracks. They then interviewed Mrs Smart to see if Mr Smart was at home.

They discovered Rev’d Nate Atkinson working in the Principal’s Office as Acting Principal. Officer Henry and Officer Eather interviewed Mrs Smart. Officer Harrington and Officer Ham interviewed Rev Nate and fingerprinted him before he was arrested by Officer Daniels and Officer Falzon. Upon Constable Finn Daniels questioning Rev’d Nate, they declared he was ‘innocent’ of any wrongdoing in Mr Smarts’ absence.

The plot thickened when Mrs Hollis turned up at The Yellow Cottage to offload some body parts, but thankfully Kindergarten discovered Mr Smart was at home on sabbatical, taking a well-earned rest from leading us through a tough year. As he completes this home study, Mr Smart will no doubt be using his love of learning.

Kindergarten held a virtual questioning session. Officer Henry and Officer Eather interviewed Mr Smart to check that they had all their facts straight. Mrs Bragg also attended to take court notes, ensuring that the story was accurately presented to the SGS Community.