This was originally published back in 2020.
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To our SGS Community,
The Yellow Cottage Scone Grammar School Preschool has been awarded an Excellent Rating by the ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority) – one of only 43 services across Australia which hold this Excellent Rating.
Our Director of The Yellow Cottage Preschool, Mrs Kirsty Hails, leads a dynamic team of educators who each have a passion for early childhood education. More than that though, they nurture each child in their care, engaging them in meaningful learning from this early age. They do this in so many ways.
Kirsty worked with Prof Lea Waters to create the Strength Stars Framework – a model for Early Childhood Educators in our Upper Hunter Community, throughout Australia, and possibly beyond. It shows them how to teach their students about character strengths, understanding their own top strengths and those of people around them. This commitment to building well-being from an early age contributes significantly to learning in childhood and throughout life.
The Christian foundation of The Yellow Cottage Preschool as part of Scone Grammar School is based on serving the wider community and The Yellow Cottage Preschool team have a strong awareness of this, bringing meaning to the families of the children in their care.
It is wonderful to see this recognition of the hard and innovative work, the passion and the commitment that Kirsty and her team have given to The Yellow Cottage Preschool’s education of the young people in our community.
We are grateful to Where There’s A Will for providing and inspiring well-being training opportunities and to the ACECQA for their commitment to recognizing this standard of work throughout Early Childhood Education. This provides inspiration to many Early Childhood Educators to innovate and contribute to the life of young students.
With appreciation and gratitude,
Mr Paul Smart
Principal, Scone Grammar School