This was originally published back in 2020.
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Last week, Primary students from Years 3-6 competed in a Public Speaking competition at school.  Students prepared and gave their speeches in their classes.  This followed into a final for each year group and then a final for Years 3-4 combined and Years 5-6 combined.

We’re grateful to Ms Kate Mailer, a Solicitor based in Scone, for coming into Scone Grammar School to adjudicate the Public Speaking and give some valuable feedback.  It’s often helpful to relate the activities we do in school back to a real-life situation to gain perspective. Mrs Sarah Ambry worked with Kate to adjudicate Years 3-4 and Mrs Maria English helped to adjudicate Years 5-6.

Congratulations to all our finalists but also to each student from Years 3-6.  Most of these students would have moved out of their comfort zone to deliver their speech.  Doing this helps to boost confidence and lead to satisfaction. Many learning habits and character strengths are at play, from planning to reflecting, perspective, social intelligence, humor for some and so on.

Years 5-6

Ben F (Year 6) won the Years 5-6 Stage with his speech, ‘Procrastination’.  Isabelle B (Year 5) was Highly Commended for her speech titled, ‘My love of Sports’.

Finalists – (L-R) Isla A (Year 5), Andrew C (Year 6), Lily R (Year 5), Will D (Year 6), Zara G (Year 5), Ben F (Year 6) Isabelle B (Year 5), Campbell S (Year 6)

Years 3-4

Cheryl S (Year 4) won the Years 3-4 Stage with her speech, ‘My Ideal World’.  Hailee DP (Year 4) and Max K (Year 3) were both awarded Highly Commended for their speeches, ‘Places I’ve Lived’ and ‘My Annoying Brothers’ respectively.

Finalists – Years 3-4: (L-R) Cheryl S (Year 4), Pippa S (Year 4), Mia S (Year 3), Ollie S (Year 4), Jarvis F (Year 4), Hailee DP (Year 4), Artie L (Year 3), Max K (Year 3) and Isabelle L (Year 3)

We look forward to hearing Ben and Chery’s speeches during our Years 3-12 Speech Day.