This was originally published back in 2020.
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There were good vibes last week as our three classes of 2021 Year 7 students and their parents connected with each other and experienced a taste of SGS Secondary life. Students checked out their lockers, went through their timetable for next year and experienced activities in a few different subjects – history, geography, science, agriculture and art.

They also gathered in their House groups, led by our SGS House Patrons and 2021 House Captains, paving the foundation for their daily life in Secondary school. During the school term, Secondary students from 7-12 meet each morning in their House tutor groups, whether Jones, Ledger or Pulling. This is designed to strengthen connections throughout our Secondary community beyond each specific year group.

Our Grammar Grind café, run by our senior Hospitality students, provided coffee and morning tea. Parents had a chance to connect with other parents and teachers, following an information session about transitioning to Secondary.

During the morning, we also welcomed our 2021 Kindergarten students for another classroom visit as they become more familiar with Kindergarten life. Over at The Yellow Cottage Preschool, we also welcomed students and their families, joining us in 2021, and they became more familiar with life at The Yellow Cottage.

As our school year gets closer to winding down, fresh, eager faces bring a surge of energy and excitement to our SGS community and we look forward to what is just around the corner.