Yesterday we had a selection of Primary and Secondary students putting in the hard yards at Scone Memorial Swimming Pool as they entered our long-distance swimming races. Primary students competed in the 200m Individual Medley (IM) (50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle) and/ or the 100m freestyle races. Secondary students competed in the 200m freestyle and their IM will be incorporated into the Secondary Swimming Carnival.
Each student who participates in an event scores a point for their house, with first place scoring 8 points, second place scoring 6 points, third place scoring 4 points and fourth place scoring two points. The points scored for these long-distance swimming carnivals will be incorporated into Primary and Secondary Swimming Carnivals.
These students are living out our 2021 school motto, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ Regardless of natural ability and talent, it takes practice, perseverance and hard work to improve swimming stroke and fitness in order to be able to swim these races. This carries through to the Swimming Carnivals that will be held for Primary (Years 2-6) on Friday 12 February and Secondary (Years 7-12) on Friday 19 February. A swimming fun day will be held later in the term for Kindergarten and Year 1 students. During these swimming carnivals we will be encouraging all students to have a go, scoring at least one point for each race.
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