Late last year our Secondary Art Teacher, Mrs Anna Towse led a team of talented and dedicated art students from years 9-11 (Years 10-12 this year) to paint a pair of large concrete kerb blocks organised by the Upper Hunter Shire Council.

The students themed these blocks around the pillars that hold up our positive, flourishing learning community. They worked tirelessly in the heat of the last week of Term 4 last year to complete their art to a very tight deadline. There was some great perseverance and teamwork at play as well as planning and creativity. We’re extremely grateful to Mrs Towse for taking this on at such a busy time of the year and to the Upper Hunter Shire Council for providing the opportunity. Two of the SGS painted kerb blocks are outside theBar café and will form part of the Upper Hunter Shire Council’s long-term vision to protect and encourage kerbside dining on Kelly Street in Scone.